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Comprehensive Human Factors Training for Flight Crews and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians!

Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training has been a proven risk management strategy in commercial aviation for over 30 years. Our company has provided CRM Training to flight departments throughout the world for over 10 years, and we also offer Maintenance Human Factors (MHF) Training to both aviation and non-aviation maintenance organizations and flight departments.


CRM Training is a requirement to maintain International Standards for Business Aircraft (IS-BAO) certification. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has required CRM Training and proficiency for commercial carriers for some time, and now requires CRM Initial and Recurrent Training for Part 135 operators. Our CRM Initial and CRM Recurrent Training for Business Aviation is available online through our Learning Management System (LMS).


MHF is an important human factors training program for maintenance environments, designed to enhance worker safety and reduce maintenance rework, and is also available online through our LMS.


Course materials are presented in an engaging format, allowing students the ability to take an entire lesson, or return to the lesson and finish as time permits. All lessons can be customized for other high reliability and critical outcome industries. Organizations often identify areas they wish to expand upon once they have completed their online LMS delivered training. Our very experienced live classroom International Air Transport Association (IATA) Certified CRM facilitator provides an open and engaging environment to both enhance and expand on our online LMS training materials, and address specific CRM and MHF concerns identified via LMS student comments after completion of the course materials. Please go to our Courses page for more information on our CRM and MHF course offerings.

Our Team

The CRM LLC team was created to share one of the most successful safety initiatives to ever affect the aviation industry. Our team brings over 200 years of combined experience in commercial, military, and corporate aviation, flight test, human factors, maintenance, and regulatory compliance.


Our popular CRM courses for Business Aviation are now available online on our LMS. Our lessons cover several of the most current CRM and MHF topics, blended with analysis of recent aviation accidents, where lessons learned are applied to the topics covered. A demo lesson is also available for viewing.


CRM LLC has been providing instructor-led CRM training to corporate flight departments, as well as many other high reliability organizations, for over 10 years. Our CRM Initial and MHF courses are also available in instructor-led online LMS versions for classroom delivery. Deliver our robust content at your training location, on your schedule.


CRM LLC provides training to a large variety of audiences. We provide custom training to meet your specific requirements, as well as speakers to address specific industries. The commitment of the aviation industry to learn from past mistakes is the primary reason for the phenomenal impact of CRM and MHF Training on safety.


To share over 200 years of our combined aviation experience in providing the highest quality Crew Resource Management (CRM), Threat and Error Management (TEM), and Maintenance Human Factors (MHF) Training to business aviation and other High Reliability Organizations (HROs).


CRM LLC has provided industry leading CRM and MHF Training to the business aviation community throughout the world since 2005. We are committed to providing the most dynamic and relevant content available. By continuously updating our training materials and methods with the most current information, we are committed to making your training experience the best in the industry.


Contact us to acquire custom training to meet your specific requirements, to set up our online LMS delivered instructor-led training, or speakers for specific subjects and industries. Our commitment is to assist you in meeting your training needs!

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