During the 1970's, the FAA and the airline industry, partnered in the development of solutions to reduce accident rates. Under the guidance of NASA, a committee, grounded in the science of human factors, developed a risk management training program that focused on certain basic principles to reduce threats. Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training programs have progressed significantly since their inception, but the basic foundation of communication, workload management, team building, and technical proficiency, remain the cornerstones of these risk management training programs.


CRM, initially developed by and for the airline industry, is pertinent to all disciplines that require risk management. CRM is focused not so much on a particular industry, but rather it examines the cognitive and interpersonal skills considered essential to mitigating risk within any high reliability, or critical outcome industry.


Maintenance Human Factors (MHF) Training is designed to enhance worker safety and reduce maintenance rework, benefiting both aviation and non-aviation maintenance organizations, and flight departments.


Crew Resource Management, LLC is an industry leader that offers online training in CRM, Threat and Error Management (TEM), and MHF.


Our Mission:

To share over 200 years of our combined aviation experience in providing the highest quality CRM, TEM, and MHF Training to business aviation and other High Reliability Organizations (HROs).

“Seldom have we had such positive and enthusiastic feedback for training that we have brought in for our workers. Our presenters Patrick and Steve were both professional and engaging. It’s pretty compelling to look at the evidence of the benefits of CRM training within the commercial airline industry, and we anticipate similar benefits within our organization going forward.


After our initial pilot, we are already scheduling additional sessions for the remainder of our workforce.”


Jim Stephenson

  • Lead Training and Development Specialist
    Orbital ATK Propulsion Systems Division

“The parallels between where medicine needs to be, and where aviation is, are uncanny. Crew Resource Management LLC facilitates a procedural based training system which is logical, very engaging, and clearly effective. It is taught by experienced aviators who understand not only their own field, but also the safety needs of the medical field.


If the medical field, or any specialty requiring critical decision capacity, adopted the Crew Resource Management principals of Communication, Team Building, Workload Management and Technical Proficiency, the world would likely be a safer place.”


Rich Ellenbogen, M.D., F.A.C.S.

  • Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery, UW Medicine

  • Professor and Chairman, Theodore S. Roberts Endowed Chair Director, Neurosciences Institute

  • Neurological Surgery, Harborview Medical Center

  • Neurosurgeon, Seattle Children's Hospital

“Gary Allen, founder of Crew Resource Management LLC, is a dynamic speaker who captivates his audience with riviting stories about the airline industry. He explains the importance of communication and teamwork, and how these factors have improved airline safety.


These same issues are extremely relevant to the medical profession, and vital to our ability to deliver excellent patient care.”


Eugene Yang, M.D., F.A.C.C.

  • Medical Director, UW Medicine Eastside Specialty Center

  • Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology

  • University of Washington School of Medicine

  • Member, Board of Trustees, University of Washington Physicians

  • President-elect, Washington Chapter, American College of Cardiology

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