Training Delivery Options

Like any skill, there is no substitute for experience when it comes to actual learning. Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Maintenance Human Factors (MHF) Training is an effective way to gain knowledge, appreciation, and proficiency in various human factors skills. Through our online LMS delivered training, you will learn how to apply CRM and MHF skills in your daily lives - skills that you will use inside and outside the workplace. We offer 3 training options to fit every organization’s training requirements, and can also provide speakers for special events.


Option 1:

This option includes online LMS delivered CRM and MHF training for individual students and entire organizational groups. This option can be purchased individually here on our website using PayPal or credit card, or contact us for group pricing, purchases, and enrollment options.


Option 2:

This option includes online LMS delivered training for students on our CRM Initial and MHF Training courses, and includes a classroom instructor version. This option allows organizations to complement our online training with their own classroom review and discussion of course content.  Contact us for group pricing, purchases, and enrollment options.


Option 3:

This option includes online LMS delivered training for students on our CRM Initial and MHF Training courses, and includes our live classroom International Air Transport Association (IATA) Certified CRM facilitator. Organizations often identify areas they wish to expand upon once they have completed their online LMS delivered training. Our very experienced live classroom IATA Certified CRM facilitator provides an open and engaging environment to both enhance and expand on our online LMS training materials, and address specific CRM and MHF concerns identified via LMS student comments after completion of the course materials. This option is truly the best mix of online LMS delivered training and live classroom training, fosters the greatest amount of open discussion, and is the most cost effective option vs. a full live classroom presentation of all the CRM and MHF training content. This option can generally be accomplished in one day at your location. Contact us for group pricing and details.


Speaking Engagements

Hire one of our engaging speakers to inspire and motivate a culture of safety with a keynote address at your next convention or conference. Our interactive approach leads to lively discussions throughout your entire organization that could otherwise remain dormant, fostering greater communication, and enhancing safety.


We also offer onsite CRM and MHF Training for all High Reliability Organizations (HROs), including aviation, healthcare, energy, and defense.

Our Team of Presenters

Our team of presenters applies our 200+ years of combined experience, to provide HRO industry-leading CRM and MHF Training.

Our experienced team of presenters includes:

  • Gary Allen:
    Founder of CRM LLC, FAA examiner, check pilot, simulator instructor, IOE instructor, with extensive experience developing training programs and LOEs for recurrent training, with a focus on CRM Initial and Recurrent training development, for various HROs.

  • Steve Gutzmer:
    Attended Navy Safety School and Landing Signal Officer School, holding those positions in his squadrons, briefing various Naval groups, Involved in Seattle based Safety Program, scientific studies in pilot performance for recommendations to maximum age limits, Involved in the LOSA Program - flight operations safety audits, and has experience working with 128 different nationalities in the flight deck, with hands-on experience in CRM situations.

  • Gord Fraser:
    Retired Airbus A380 superjumbo Captain with 24,000 flight hours. Experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Flying Instructor, Learjet Charter Pilot, Corporate Chief Pilot, and Airline Pilot on numerous aircraft. A strong adherent to the CRM principle and statistical industry-wide safety improvements.

  • Scott Anderson:
    Has over 30 years of experience as an instructor, line check airman, and FAA examiner, Navy fighter pilot with over 500 carrier landings, Blue Angel pilot, A7E Squadron Commander, with over 28 years experience developing and presenting CRM and TEM training.