Our CRM LLC team was established through a common interest to create and improve upon one of the most successful safety initiatives to ever affect the airline industry. Through careers in civil, corporate, military, flight test, flight demonstration and major international airline flying, it has been our vision to share what we have accumulated in over 200 years of combined aviation experience. CRM LLC seeks to enhance safety in not only the aviation field but in all high reliability, critical outcome professions. 


CRM LLC strives to provide the most up-to-date and pertinent training experience obtainable and provide CRM Initial, CRM Recurrent, and MHF - The New MRM! Training online so you can train anytime, anywhere, at the pace you desire. We strive to bring you the very best training experience possible.

Gary Allen

Gary Allen is currently an A-330 Captain and Line Check Pilot for a major U.S. airline. He joined Northwest Airlines in 1984, where he was one of five designated FAA examiners on the B747, a company designated check pilot, simulator instructor, and Initial Operating Experience (IOE) instructor on the 747, where he logged over 22 years of 747 international experience.


Gary has vast experience in commercial, corporate and civil aviation, as well as holding A&P/IA certificates; he has been involved in numerous award-winning antique and WW2 era aircraft restorations.


He has extensive experience developing and writing training programs, adapting all areas of CRM and TEM as required of 121 carriers, as well as evaluating and developing Line Oriented Evaluations (LOEs) for recurrent training.


Gary has accumulated in excess of 28,000 flight hours which includes type ratings on the B727, B757, B767, B747, A330, L39, GV, CL604, and P-51.

Steve Gutzmer

Steve Gutzmer is an aviation professional that has been involved in all aspects of the aviation industry, spanning 45 years. He is a retired Emirates Airline 777 Captain, with over 25,000 hours in 30 types of aircraft, ranging from his days flying off of aircraft carriers, to gliders. He holds type ratings on the DC-9, B747, B757, B767, B777, and A330.

While in the Navy, he attended Navy Safety School and Landing Signal Officer School, and held those positions in his squadrons, giving briefs to various groups. While employed with Northwest Airlines, Steve was involved in the local Seattle based Safety Program outlined by the Airline Pilots Association, that included day to day operations, along with scientific studies, relating to pilot performance, for recommendations to maximum age limits. At Emirates Airline, Steve was involved with the LOSA Program for various flight operation's safety audits, and made numerous inaugural flights to new destinations. He attended their Executive Interview School to master the art of the airline interview from the company's side of the table, and became a key member of the interview team for new pilots.

After retiring in 2014 from Emirates line flying, he was selected to be a contractor for Emirates. As the flight operations representative for both North America and Canada, he conducted recruiting seminars in many cities across the country and Canada. He presently is involved in a start up company, helping Veterans earn degrees, and placing them at Amazon and Microsoft. He maintains his flying passion, while learning to fly helicopters, and recently completed B25 ground school with a local museum.

Living in the Middle East for 7.5 years, and flying Emirates' route structure, with 128 different nationalities in the flight deck, Captain Gutzmer has the hands on experience to relate to CRM situations. We are extremely honored to have a dynamic speaker like Captain Gutzmer on our team.

Scott Anderson

Scott graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1975 and has spent the last 45 years in the aviation sector. As a Naval Aviator, he accumulated over 500 carrier landings serving as a Department Head, Commanding Officer, Special Operations Command Emergency Action Officer, and Naval Forces Central Command where he retired as a Navy Captain. During his naval career, he was a member of the Blue Angels for 3 years serving as #4, the Slot Pilot, and Operations Officer in his final year. 


He spent 30 years with Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines where he was a 757/767ER, 767-400, and 747-400 Captain, Line Check Pilot, Aircrew Program Designee (APD), and Senior Standards Captain. In 2014 he retired from Delta to take a position at Atlas Air as Senior Director Flight Procedures, Training, and Standards. He was responsible for nearly 300 employees, instructors, SIM Check and Line Check Pilots, and for all Training and Standards at Atlas. He served as a 747-400/8 Captain flying worldwide in the Atlas network. Additionally, he was the Flight Operations Lead for Pilot Recruiting and Hiring and played an active role in the hiring and training of nearly 1,900 pilots over a 5 year period which saw the Atlas and Southern pilot group nearly double in size.


During his tenure, he brought both a new state of the art Learning Management System (CPaT) to the training program with offline access via the company iPad for Initial and Quarterly Distant Learning, oversaw the implementation of the Electronic Flight Bag, and introduction of the Comply365 Document and Communication Manager. During his 5 + years he represented Flight Operations in 4 IOSA and DOD audits with zero findings along with multiple successful customer audits. He oversaw a total reorganization and standardization of the Atlas/Southern Training Department incorporating a more AQP like environment with Recurrent RLOFTs in lieu of Recurrent Flight Training. He was responsible for developing a comprehensive data collection process incorporating invaluable trend analysis which resulted in major changes to the curriculum footprints adapting to the changing experience and backgrounds of new hire crew members. He was instrumental in incorporating the tenets of AQP, CRM/TEM, and SMS within the Atlas Training program and pilot group with the ultimate goal of Desired Outcome resulting in safe, effective Human Performance.


He brings over 30 years of experience in developing and presenting CRM and TEM as an integral part of aviation training. He has personally observed the successful evolution and incorporation of the CRM/TEM model within commercial aviation, from its infancy as a new and not overly welcomed curriculum, to the cornerstone of safe and successful flight departments.


Scott is a CRM presenter and content contributor.

Greg Proulx

With over 21,000 hours of airline, charter, and corporate flying and instructional experience, Greg Proulx joined CRM LLC in 2015 as a presenter/facilitator, and content provider.


Greg retired from Delta Air Lines as a B747-400 Captain in 2012, after 33 years airline service, which began at Air Wisconsin in 1979. Greg was hired by Northwest Airlines in 1984, where his flying career involved significant international operations. Aircraft flown include the B747-400, A330, DC-10, B757, B727, Citation, Learjet, many turboprops, cabin class, multi-engine, and single engine aircraft, and two types of helicopters. Still very much involved in the aviation industry, he is now flying as a Citation Captain in corporate aviation in Part 135 and Part 91 operations.

Greg’s aviation career included positions as an FAA Designated Check Airman, Line instructor under Part 135 operations, and an airline IOE instructor on the B727. He holds multiple fixed wing ratings, as well as a commercial/instrument helicopter rating, and is looking forward to finishing a long overdue glider rating.

Greg also spent 4 years in the Air Force as an aircraft maintenance specialist, and 10 years as an Officer in the Naval Reserves, working in aviation related intelligence.


Greg brings a wealth of business, operational, and instructional experience to CRM LLC, and is among other duties, head of our online sales and marketing efforts.

Gord Fraser

Gord to learned to fly in gliders when he was 16 and retired from professional flying as a Captain on the Airbus A380 superjumbo. Along the way and between these distant markers, he flew 24,000 flight hours. He has worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Flying Instructor, Learjet Charter Pilot, Corporate Chief Pilot, and as an Airline Pilot on numerous aircraft, through a wearing series of mergers, bankruptcies, and international restarts. Recently he has been involved with flying antique and WWI replica fighter aircraft.


As an early initiative to the first tenuous and callow implementation steps of the CRM concept in the 1980s, Gord has become a strong adherent to the principle, having seen both the statistical industry-wide safety improvements and having witnessed the benefits first hand for himself, in his own accident and incident-free career.

Sandie Wood
ISD / Developer

Sandie Wood is a certified eLearning Instructional Systems Designer (ISD) and graphics and multimedia developer, who specializes in developing technical proficiency training for federally mandated proficiency requirements. Sandie received her degree in Technical Illustration from Ridgewater College, and has continued her education throughout her career.


Sandie has over 28 years of experience in developing various types of training materials for airline pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians, Air Traffic Controllers (ATC), and naval systems staff. She provides instructional design, interactive multimedia and simulation design, eLearning and Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courseware development, business presentations, marketing materials, corporate branding, website development, and audio and video processing and editing.


She has worked closely with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from commercial airlines, naval military contractor, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), General Services Administration (GSA), and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).


Sandie currently owns and operates Eye-4-Design, LLC, an eLearning development company that specializes in developing training materials for high risk industries.

Dr. Maggie Ma

Maggie Ma is a Certified Human Factors Professional (CHFP) who specializes in maintenance human factors. Maggie received her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering/Human Factors Engineering in 2005 from State University of New York at Buffalo.


Maggie has 15 years of experience in conducting applied human factors research to improve aviation safety, through developing various safety programs (e.g., error investigation, training, self-reporting, and observation of normal operations).


Maggie has authored more than 40 technical publications, has chaired technical sessions, and is frequently a speaker at aviation safety conferences and workshops. She has worked closely with airlines, manufacturers, maintenance organizations, ground service providers, and regulatory agencies around the world.


Maggie currently works for a major aerospace company.